Gardein Breast Salad

This is a yummy salad by Shanti Ellis.  We don’t have Gardein brand out here, but Quorn makes a really good fake chicken breast that I often have on salad that would go very well.

Gardein Breast Salad

This is another really hearty salad.  Hopefully they carry Gardein products in your local store, because they’re awesome!  If not, an veggie burger patty could substitute or even a portobello mushroom.

1 Gardein breast (or similar veggie patty)
lettuce (in this picture it’s romaine and frisee… ’cause it’s fun to switch up your greens)
1/2 avocado
red onion (sliced into 1-inch segments)
bell pepper (sliced into 1-inch segments)
turnip slices (optional)
olive oil
barbeque sauce or a relatively thick hot sauce

Saute the onion and bell pepper in a pan with the olive oil.  In the same pan cook the “meat” since it will likely either be from the fridge or frozen, depending on which you end up using.

While this is cooking, tear up the lettuce of choice (you couldn’t also theoretically do raw kale or Swiss chard or pretty much any other leafy green).

This is a great time to use the mandolin.  Making the turnip discs is super fast and easy, and it makes a neat decoration.  No need to cook them.  They’re a lovely, crunchy, slightly spicy niblet.  (You can also cut into cubes if you prefer to incorporate them into the salad more.)

When the patty or breast is cooked and the onions are a bit translucent, transfer to the top of your salad.  Put as much sauce as you prefer.

Done!  : )

Dice the avocado and place on the greens.


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