Veggie Steak Salad

Shanti Ellis hit home with me on this, I love a good, filling salad ❤


Steak Salad


This is a very quick recipe that’s really, really filling.

Veggie steak (which I just now learned was discontinued by Morningstar…. dang…  Use either a veggie burger patty cut up into quarters vertically or other veggie beef substitute)
1/2 bell pepper
1/4 red onion
lettuce (I prefer butter lettuce for this recipe, but as long as it’s a crunchy lettuce, that will suffice)
olive oil

Slice the bell pepper and onion into relatively large slices and saute in the olive oil for only a few minutes.

Prepare the veggie meat per the instructions on the package.  If possible, heat in the same pan that the onion and bell pepper is sauteing in.

Meanwhile, wash and dry the lettuce and then tear by hand into bite-sized pieces and place in your bowl.

When the peppers and onion start to get little charred spots (and the veggie meat is cooked), place directly on the lettuce.

Done. : )


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