Breakfast Quesadilla

This easy to make breakfast quesadilla by Shanti Ellis is divine, simple, and would pack up pretty well for a lunch (like I’ve said before, foods that don’t heat well in a microwave, often do fine in a toaster or convection oven!)

Breakfast quesadilla

2 whole wheat tortillas (or flour)
onions (red or white)
goat cheese
tomato (if not using a pico de gallo salsa)
olive oil

The amounts of the ingredients vary depending on the size of the tortillas used.  Just try not to put so much of the ingredients in that they will fall out when you flip this lovely quesadilla over.

For the filling, dice the onions and mushrooms and saute them in a pan with a little olive oil.  Cook until the onions are translucent.

Meanwhile, in a second pan, lightly spray a cooking spray.  When heated, add one tortilla.  Keep the heat to about a low to medium.

Add to the mushrooms and onions the sprouts and goat cheese.  Stir.  Then mix in the salsa and let it continue to cook until the salsa is warm.

Spoon the filling onto the tortilla in the other pan.  Try not to get too much liquid, or it can get soggy.  Then top with the second tortilla and carefully flip it so that the newly added tortilla is now on the bottom.  (Smaller tortillas make this easier.)  If the cheese has gotten melty, this will help hold the tortillas together while flipping.

Side note, you can also use one large tortilla and place the filling in only one half and then fold it over to make it look sort of like an omelet and then merely flip it from one side to the other.

Once both sides are browned, it’s done.  Plate and cut with a pizza cutter (or knife… I just have a fun pizza cutter).  Serve with guacamole or sour cream or more salsa or just on its own. : )


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