Let’s see how this turns out

I want to make a place where it can be easy to find vegetarian recipes that aren’t some over the top gormet thing, but can give ideas of what to make if you are looking for a quick or simple dish.  This isn’t going to be some attempt to make stereotypical tofu filled dishes, but instead a place for vegetarians either who are starting out and need the easy transition, or who, like me, just like “normal” food… or possibly also to help the non-vegetarians understand that a meal doesn’t need to be weird to feed a vegetarian happily.

Some of these recipes will be originally posted with meats, but will be ones that would be great without it, I’ll make notes where I made changes =)

For the record, I am a lacto-ovo vegetarian, so dishes I post may contain dairy, eggs, and yeast.  I love cheese and I don’t believe in a diet choice being an aspect of unhappiness in my life.  Being a vegetarian for me is a personal choice, I guess you could call it a moral choice, simply put: I don’t want any living being to die so I can live another day.  I don’t expect my loved ones to be vegetarians, and I in no way resent that they are not, and I am happy to say I get the same respect from them.  Vegetarianism is a choice, as is eating meat, these are choices each person makes for their own reasons and I don’t believe anyone should be pressured in either direction.

If you are cooking for a vegetarian, it might save you some grief if you just ask them what their restrictions are.  Some common ones are:

lacto-ovo vegetarian: eats dairy and eggs

vegan: no animal products, may eat yeast unless strict

pesca-vegetarian (though I don’t get why this is considered vegetarian): eats fish, possibly shellfish

raw vegan: nothing is cooked

Places where there can be grey area tends to be with gelatin, which I choose to eat, meat broth, which I don’t, cheese, since some include stomach enzymes, and yeast since some vegans don’t consume but many do; the easiest way to know is to ask.  Also, be cautious about what foods may contain lard (re-fried beans, pie crusts) or anchovies (salad dressing, Worcestershire sauce) because there is almost always a veggie option available if you check the labels.


Also, if you have a great meat-free recipe you would like to share or one you would like linked to, let me know (maybe just leave a comment here with how to contact you?) I want this to be a good resource for anyone looking for something yummy and veggie!


Comments are open, feel free to share, just know that anything rude, pushing an opinion (whether it be pro or anti vegetarian), or pointless will be removed, so don’t waste your or my time.


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